Talentis executive search software:

Recruitment software with candidate sourcing built in

Talentis is a revolutionary executive search software:

  • Cloud-based, easy to use, fast SaaS executive recruiting software
  • ChatGPT-driven AI search across c800M public profiles, regardless of LinkedIn subscription or network
  • Next generation Add-Ins for Microsoft Word and Outlook, plus a “featured” Google Chrome extension
  • Free demo, free trial, no setup costs and a choice of monthly or annual subscriptions
  • Excellent global support from the team behind FileFinder

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Millions of executive profiles. A joy to use.

The fundamental rule of executive search software is that any firm’s database is only as good as its data.


That’s why we’ve made it easy to find, source, and engage with candidates using unique filters to search across over 800M public profiles.


Talentis streamlines the process of finding, engaging, and sourcing candidates.  It simplifies your data maintenance and leaves you to get on with what matters.



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A CRM that knows what you want

The second rule of executive recruiting software is that if you want to look something up, you go to the CRM to do it.


That’s so last century. The Talentis Chrome Extension is designed to present context-sensitive information as you surf the web.


Researching a social media profile? Searching Google? Checking an executive biography? There’s every chance our App will understand the context and provide immediate access to relevant CRM information – with a single click.


Saving your users time and opening up new ways of working.

The Talentis TalentGraph links publicly available profiles.

A free trial, free training, and free support - all from a market leader

While Talentis might be the most advanced executive recruitment software on the market, it benefits from the backing of one of the sector’s best-known vendors.


The team behind Talentis is the team behind FileFinder – for many years, recognized as the leading retained executive search software solution. We want you to try Talentis. We want you to experience our support.


That’s why we’d love to have you take a personal demo before setting up a free trial.

1 billion dynamic URLs:<br>a CRM that understands icon

1 billion dynamic URLs:
a CRM that understands

Millions of executive profiles:<br>maintained centrally icon

Millions of executive profiles:
maintained centrally

Superior service:<br>from a market leader icon

Superior service:
from a market leader